Ingredients (for 4 persons)

    4 squids
    4 shrimps
    250g mussels
    250g clams
    cherry tomatoes
    white wine
    broth: (carrot, onion, celery and shrimps heads)


Clean the squids tearing apart heads and tentacles from the rest of the bodies. Let clams and mussels open in a wide pan with oil, parsley, pepper and white wine.

Once opened, separate the valves and their filtered broth. To obtain broth boil the celery, the carrot and the onion together with the shrimps heads.
Sauté the finely cut heads and tentacles of the squids in a pan. Mix the vegetable broth with the clams’ one and ultimately add the mussels, clams, chopped cherry tomatoes and the shrimps, then cook for some minutes.

Fill the squids with the stuffing, close them with a toothpick and sauté them in a casserole and simmer with garlic and white wine.

Filled squids are ready!